1. Post-tonsillectomy chair-chilling, watching classic Trek and reading Ricoeur on pain meds. Everything is weird.


  2. at Borg Ward


  3. at Good Style Shop


  4. Working hard for 3 awesome shows this weekend. #3Ms #madison #Milwaukee #Minneapolis


  5. My man @signaldreams Golden Donna slaying at the Burlington. #goldendonna (at The Burlington Bar)


  6. Improvisation Thursdays @ #elasticarts (at Elastic)


  7. An epic confrontation.


  8. nnekbone:

    Last words of Black men whose lives were unnecessarily taken…

    By Shirin Barghi

    (via creativeoutletsandworks)


  9. Little write-up from adhocfm for this track, invoking some of the mythology we’re (myself and Eric Hanns, who did all this great artwork) having a lot of fun building around the tracks for this release. 


  10. handsomecj:

    They Live (John Carpenter, 1988)

    Ferguson, Missouri, U.S.A. (August 11, 2014)

    (via infotapes)


  11. Really fun show tonight in BK! #regram from @jeanetteirenewyche #guitar #noise #drone #improvisation #bushwick #beyondjeggings


  12. I am extremely happy to announce the first single of 4 compositions from my new release, The Last Flight of the Voidship Remainder, due out on Solid Melts this September. An awesome review of track 2, The Sacrifice of the Voidship Heart of Hearts is up on Tiny Mix Tapes this morning. This piece is probably my favorite thing I’ve written in many years, so please enjoy! 


    A note from the composer regarding this piece and its counterparts: “We will never forget the life-forms lost in pursuit of the exploration of interstitial space, brave members of the 5-ship void-fleet of the 1st Human Sodality (“Strength Through Toil; Victory Through Resource Extraction”). This composition, commissioned by the Grand Council for Arts and Memory of the Sodality, invokes the tale of the 2nd ship in the fleet (the 3rd constructed), the VX-III, Heart of Hearts, to achieve true void-flight, and, like its predecessor, to be tragically, utterly, tracelessly, lost.” —DW; Year of the Sodality, X,α,X


  13. This guy is totally at home here with me. #caroline #cannonball #salmoncoloredworld


  14. Extended technique for laptop, internal condenser, and beard.


  15. This guy had my name written all over it. Red knob is a dope voltage sag! #cannonball #carolineguitarco #chicagomusicexchange #grizzly #gear #gearporn #knowyourtone